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My husband and I recently went on vacation in Utah and with a little planning we were able to eat clean the entire time!  Often time you will find yourself away from home, whether traveling for work or taking some time off for a much needed vacation, and the temptation to grab some ‘fast food’ might seem like the easiest option but there is no need to give in!  Here are some tips to help you when traveling.

1.  Plan Ahead

One of the first things we did when we decided on our destination was to book our hotel room.  By picking a hotel that was slightly further out from the ‘tourist’ hotspot and had less amenities offered (no concierge or spa type services) we were able to book a room that offered a full kitchen (We stayed in Homewood Suites by Hilton).  This meant that we could cook some of our meals and store items that needed refrigeration.

Once we had our hotel booked it was time to turn our attention to Google.  Crossing our fingers we googled “Whole Foods Midvale” (Midvale was were our hotel was located).  Luckily we discovered that less than 5 minutes down the road was a Whole Foods!  Had we not been fortunate enough to find a Whole Foods we would have searched for a local health food store that would provide us with some basic clean eating staples.  If all else fails and you can’t find any stores in your area that carry clean, organic foods then head to the local grocery store and pick up fruits, nuts and some veggies to get you through.  

Stopping for a snack during a hike

2.  Go Basic

Although we had a full kitchen to use we still didn’t want to have to be stuck in our hotel room cooking all the time.  We purchased simple, basic foods that would be quick and easy to whip up without much effort.  For breakfast we picked up a couple of yogurts and cereal and milk.  We got a selection of fruit that we could have as a snack and that were portable - bananas, apples, oranges.  We selected a couple bags of nuts that we could take with us while we were out exploring.  For dinner we got some eggs that we hard boiled and picked up some bread for toast and sandwiches.  I got a selections of veggies to make a salad with and my husband opted for some cheese and tortilla shells that we whipped into Quesadillas.  We also brought along some protein bars from home that we had for snacks during the day (see recipe here). Lastly we picked up a case of bottled water - this way we could bring them with us during our day trips.

3.  Follow Your Instincts

You won’t always have the ability to stay in a hotel with a kitchen or find a health food store but you can still eat clean by following the principles of clean eating that you already follow at home.  When eating at a restaurant pick menu option like grilled chicken with a side of steamed veggies or fruit.  Order a salad but skip the croutons, bacon, cheese and dressing (Restaurant cheeses almost always contain dyes to make the cheese appear orange).  Ask for some lemons or olive oil and vinegar to top your salad with.  Skip the dessert and instead treat yourself to some homemade brownies or ice cream when you get home for a job well done! (recipe here and here).

 Traveling doesn’t need to be an excuse to ‘cheat’ or eat unhealthy foods.  Do a little planning, make some adjustments and follow your instints and you’ll be able to stick to your goals with no problems at all. 

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use when traveling?  We’d loved to hear them!


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  1. susan says:

    Great post on clean eating on the go. I’ve be travelling tomorrow so I’ve packed my hand luggage with fruit- banana, apple, pear, blueberries. I’ve cut up some veggies- carrots, peppers, green beans and tomatoes to snack on. I made up a portable protein pancake. I also made the calzone from this months Clean Eating magazine and I’m going to store it in the cooler and eat it on the plane. I’ve also got some nuts and some hard boiled eggs. I’ve never packed clean food on the go so I’m curious to see how I’ll get on with this food.

    • Sarah says:

      Susan, that sounds AWESOME!!!! My hand luggage was packed with food as well and I got through security with no problems. I was pretty worried that they wouldn’t let me take the protein bars but everything went through just fine. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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