The last day of our 5 day juice detox was by far the hardest day.  We dreamed of food all day and couldn’t stop talking about what foods we would eat come Saturday morning.  In reality, one of the most important parts of juice detoxing is breaking your fast properly.  As much as we dreamed of stuffing our faces with food, starting out with a simple, easy diet is the best thing to do when ending your fast.

Chewing - Welcome Back Old Friend!

On Saturday morning the first thing we did was have a veggie juice drink for breakfast!  Seems silly since we were officially off our fast but our main goal was to slowly add whole foods back into our diet.  Along with our juice we each had 2 Breakfast Cookies.  As little whole food as that was we were both stuffed after breakfast.  When you’re adding fiber back into your diet after a detox it’s important to drink as much water as possible.  We both made sure we stayed super hydrated all day Saturday.  For lunch we both had a small bowl of Creamy Potato Onion Soup (recipe coming soon) and another veggie juice.  Soup is a great meal option when you’re breaking a fast!  Some other soup recipes to try would be our Pho Noodle BowlLentil Vegetable StewTuscan Bean and Rice Soup or Kale, Squash and Potato Soup.  For dinner I made some Crispy Fried Rice for my husband and I opted to have a Chopped Salad with Creamy Vinaigrette Dressing.  All of our meals were MUCH smaller than we previously would have eaten.  Yet as small a portion as we had we both felt full after each meal.

Because we slowly added whole foods back into our diet neither of us experienced any digestive problems.  We both drank a lot of water and by the next day we both felt like our systems were back to normal.  We did avoided spicy foods, desserts and grain heavy items for the whole weekend.

Weighing In

Weight loss was never on our list of reasons for doing a juice detox but both my husband and I did lose weight.  He lost 11 pounds and I lost 6.5 pounds.  We didn’t weight ourselves until Monday morning but at that point in time we had both regained 1 pound each.

The Benefits

Our main reasons for doing a juice detox was to break ourselves of daily midday snack in which we would normally overeat and to get more in tune with our hunger cues.  We were successful with both of these goals and I’m happy to report that on days when we do have a midday snack that the portion size has remained snack size!

One of the biggest benefits of our juice fast was the incredible sleep we had each night.  We each experience some of the most solid and fulfilling sleep we’ve ever had.  We both remarked on many occasions that the sleep alone was worth doing the detox for.

Because of our amazing sleep waking up in the morning left us feeling refreshed and energized.  We enjoyed getting out and exercising each day and many of our to do items were finally crossed off our list.  Having that extra energy seems to to give us a boost each day that we previously didn’t have.

Our diets, pre-detox, were extremely healthy so we didn’t have to worry about breaking any food cravings/addictions but for many that have diets high in caffeine, sugar and salt, juice detoxing is a great way to curb these addictions.

Overall, we both felt lighter, less bloated and clear headed.  The time we saved from having to make meals, eat meals and clean up after meals left us with a lot more time for ourselves and we both enjoyed the added free time that we got.  We’ll definitely do a detox again, maybe not 5 days, but a 1 or 3 day juice detox is definitely in our future.

The Cons

Luckily my amazing husband joined me on this adventure so I didn’t have to worry about being around someone who was eating all day.  I did still have to make meals for my kids but I made quick and easy meals that mostly kept me out of the kitchen.  Had I needed to spend time cooking and baking for my family this detox would have been a lot harder.  Even when you’re not hungry, when you’re on a detox and you smell food, you want it!  Going to the grocery store and smelling all the delicious smells was H.A.R.D.

Being a stay at home mom/blogger made being on a detox much easier than if I would have had to go into an office each day.  It was nice not having to explain why I wasn’t eating and being at home made it much easier to make fresh juice for each meal.  If you work full-time you’ll have more of a challenge than I did.  You’ll have to pre-juice all your meals ahead of time and be ready to explain (and maybe defend) your detox diet.  But don’t let a full-time job keep you from doing a detox.  Find some time either the night before or the morning of to get all your meals juiced and ready to go.  Bring a cooler with you and fill it with your juice for the day.

Being clean eating vegans means that going out to eat is pretty much unheard off but if you’re used to eating out or going out with friends after a day at work be prepared for some hard choices.  Being around alcohol and food later in the day is not easy.  You’ve made it through the day and your willpower will probably be waning at this point.  If you can avoid restaurants and food centered gatherings I highly recommend it.  If that isn’t a possibility then make sure you have a juice ready so  you can at least sip along during your evening out.

Final Thoughts

I never would had thought that I would be able to go 5 days without eating food.  Completing the 5 day juice detox gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment.  I was proud of myself and my husband for having the will power to do it.  We both learned a lot about our bodies and what they are capable of handling. The lack of headaches and common juicing related side effects were never things we experienced.  It was great to have confirmation that the plant based diet we strictly follow is the best diet for our bodies.  We also were able to confirm that neither of us have gluten allergies as we successfully added gluten back into our diets without any side effects.  Overall, I still believe that a diet based on eating whole, organic, unprocessed foods is the best lifestyle there is.  Do you need to juice to improve your lifestyle?  No, but I’m glad we did it and having our morning green juice is definitely here to stay!

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