I’ve tried MANY different types of yogurt in my quest to find the perfect cream cheese replacement and let me tell you - I’ve hit the jackpot!  This is BETTER than cream cheese - not just because it’s clean but it tastes better!!!  I ALWAYS have this on hand to use in recipes or meals.  It’s amazing topped with fresh fruit or in a smoothie or protein shake.

Unlike other yogurts that I’ve made into yogurt cheese this one is super thick to begin with.  Most of the time I can just turn the container over and the yogurt comes out onto the cheesecloth but with Greek Gods you actually need to break out the spoon and scoop it out!  You also find that you won’t get a lot of the whey liquid that drains out.  This is actually a BIG bonus!  Whey contains many of the most important vitamins and nutrients in yogurt.  When you make yogurt cheese you are essentially draining out the whey which is why it’s recommended to actually keep the whey that is drained and add it back into smoothies, shakes and drinks - that way you don’t lose out on the important benefits it offers!  With Greek Gods you get your yogurt cheese without losing so many of the vitamins and minerals!

A word of caution - the Greek Gods Greek Yogurt I use is not fat free.  They carry a fat free version but it is not available in my location so I have not tried it as a yogurt cheese.  A 4oz serving contains 11 grams of fat so make sure you watch your intake and plan accordingly.  I often mix this in with yogurt cheese that I’ve made from fat free yogurt so that I get the great creamy flavor but less fat per serving.

If you’re looking for a cream cheese replacement then definitely give this yogurt a try.  Use the yogurt cheese recipe (recipe here) and follow as directed.  You’ll be amazed at the taste and texture that you end up with.  Just watch your serving size and ENJOY!

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