Here in the Midwest we are coming into my favorite season - Fall!  I love this time of the year not just for the apple cider and beautiful changing leaves but for SOUPS!  I am a soup fan.  I love sitting down with a hot bowl of soup and curling up on my sofa with a blanket.  Clean eating is a haven for soup lovers like me.  Soups are some of the easiest meals to ‘clean up’.  But if you are running short on time and need a quick soup fix then we’ve found a great CLEAN soup for you!

Amy’s Organic Soups are wonderful AND clean!  They are 100% organic and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives.  They carry everything from Lentil to Split Pea and even Alphabet for the younger soup lovers.  Amy’s also have a great website that helps you select just the right soup for you.  You can find soups that are low in sodium, vegan, low fat, dairy free and more with a symbol system that is used for every soup.  You can find their website at

If you are sensitive to sodium I suggest trying their Light Sodium line.  It’s 50% less sodium than their original soups but are still packed full on taste! 

If you have a product that you would like us to review or are curious if your favorite item is ‘clean’ then please send us an email with the full product name and we will break out our investigating skills and get to work!
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