My husband joked with me the first time I made my Guilt Free Spinach Burgers that he isn’t Popeye and doesn’t do spinach (the burgers are one of his favorite meals now)!  He didn’t exactly jump on the clean eating bandwagon either.  He’s not a salad and veggies kinda man and straight out told me that he would not start eating broccoli and ‘other crap’ (other crap = yummy veggies) just because I call it a lifestyle change and not a diet.  I knew that if I wanted him to ‘eat clean’ that making meals that suited his tastes would be imperative.  Father’s Day is coming up this next weekend (June 19th - mark your calendars!) and in honor of all the men in our lives we’ve put together a collection of our favorite clean eating meals that have the ‘The Man” stamp of approval!


Clean Eating ‘Packed’ Potato Skins


Clean Eating Asiago Meatballs


Clean Eating Beef Jerky (Biltong)


Clean Eating Chicken and Rice Casserole


Clean Eating Breakfast Cookies


Clean Eating Cuban Pork Tacos


Clean Eating Guilt Free Spinach Burgers


Clean Eating Meatloaf


Clean Eating Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings


Clean Eating Teriyaki Steak


Clean Eating Ultimate BBQ Sandwich


Clean Eating Crispy Garlic Chicken Tenders


Clean Eating Gyros


Clean Eating Nachos


Clean Eating Quick and Easy Goulash

(All this week we will be featuring recipes that were created specifically for the men in our lives.  Clean Eating Hawaiian Teriyaki Steak Tacos and Clean Eating Cajun Shrimp Kabobs are just a few of the delicious recipes coming this week!)

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