5 Day Juice Detox - Breaking the Fast

The last day of our 5 day juice detox was by far the hardest day.  We dreamed of food all day and couldn’t stop talking about what foods we would eat come Saturday morning.  In reality, one of the most important parts of juice detoxing is breaking your fast properly.  As much as we dreamed of stuffing our faces with food, starting out with a simple, easy diet is the best thing to do when ending your fast. Chewing - Welcome Back Old...


5 Day Juice Detox - Recap


5 Day Juice Detox - Day 4


5 Day Juice Detox - Day 3


5 Day Juice Detox - Day 2


5 Day Juice Detox - Day 1


5 Day Juice Detox - The Night Before


Bottoms Up - A 5 Day Juice Detox

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you need to get away from it all?  No cellphones ringing, no TV blaring, no emails or social networking.  Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the busy 24/7 society we live in and just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet that nature has to offer.  We call this a vacation but actually it’s a detox.  The word detox often gets a bad wrap but really it’s just a special treatment...


Super Foods Super You

Head to your local pharmacy and you will find aisle after aisle of man made pills to help you lose weight, boost energy, enhance mood and improve sleep.  Not only are these pills filled with manufactured chemicals and ingredients but almost all contain side effects that are worse than your problem is to begin with!  Hippocrates was on to something when he said “Let thy food be thy medicine.”  Here are 7 super foods that will help you...

Eat Your (Sea) Vegetables

Eat Your (Sea) Vegetables

Why eat sea vegetables? Well, for one thing sea plants contain between 10-20 times the minerals of land vegetables. In fact, ounce for ounce sea vegetables contain more minerals than any other food group.  That means you only have to eat a small amount of them to benefit nutritionally.  Sea vegetables are a good source of the minerals iodine, magnesium, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, vanadium and...